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JOB DESCRIPTION Mr.Somkieat Sontiwattrakul


Position : MIS  Specialist  I

Level : Manager

Department : MIS


@ Duties:

             Control and development computer program and network system in company.

Solving problem and advising user guide about computer program that they concern to upgrade

And improve for more efficiency in their job, and adjust them to enclose with company activity

and company business plan.

            To share and cooperate with colleague and another department to solving problem and  development.


Job Description

Control, management and improve computer system in company.

   Study and improve computer system to support user job & requirement.

   Solving problem about computer when it occurred and advise user.

   Maintenance, improve and control computer system and computer network.

Control, manage and improve Database System

   Study and improve system to enclose user job and requirement

   Solving problem that it occurred and  advise to user.

Control, manage and improve computer system on Internet system

   Study and research for new data and technology.

   Improve computer system  to enclose with company policy and apply it for high efficiency .

   Solving problem about  computer system, program and network, advice user when they have some problem.

   Improve high efficiency for computer system, computer network, apply  to appropriate with job detail and user requirement, and enclose with  expand project for computer system in the future.

   Support & coordinate with some user, exhibitor and organizer that they request.


@ Qualification :

Education ;

Bachelor degree in Computer Science.

Experience ;

11 years+  , having  knowledge about Software, Hardware, Networking , Database  Design & Admin , Programming , Web Applications & Design

Special Skill ;

Having knowledge & understanding about maintenance computer equipment, controlling, and improving computer network, program and system to high efficiency. Include solving for all of problem that it occurred with computer and network.